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Iowa Economic Development Authority

Iowa State University’s College of Design approved for Strategic Infrastructure Program grant
The board approved a $1.4 million grant to Iowa State University’s College of Design for the 3D Affordable Innovation Technologies Housing Project, which will support the development of a 3D printed housing industry in Iowa. To meet a strong housing demand and identify a cost-effective and thoughtful labor strategy, the project will design an innovative 3D construction printing program that combines advanced technologies for the construction of affordable, resilient housing. Iowa State University will use the funding to acquire a 3D Construction Printer, materials, and a vehicle for transportation of the printer and equipment, which will help establish the infrastructure necessary to develop the suite of tools, research and curriculum.

The Strategic Infrastructure Program supports projects that develop commonly utilized assets with the goal of providing a competitive advantage to one or more private sector entities or that create necessary physical infrastructure in the state, and such projects are not adequately provided by the public or private sectors. Award recommendations for these funds are made by members of the Iowa Innovation Council and presented to the IEDA Board for approval.

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